Information about the school material

Dear Teachers,

Energy is everywhere. Whether it’s in your own body, in the power of the wind, in the warmth of the sun or as electrical energy. As a teacher, you cover the topic of electricity and know the many exciting starting points for research and discovery.

We wish to help you with this – with our free ‘Panasonic – Power Classes 2021/22 Wanted!’ school material. We offer you the course material in three different package formats. You choose whichever you need for either analogue or digital teaching. The School Material 2019 is also a useful addition. Notes on how to use it all can be found in the teacher info (Package A/B). (You can even use it as a self-contained course.)

Due to the current situation in the schools, participation in the competition is now possible via an informal e-mail:

Motivate your class.

  • Competence-oriented MINT teaching
  • Encouragement of problem-oriented, curiosity-driven learning
  • Communication of curriculum relevant elementary school knowledge
  • You make children stronger for the future

Motivational supplementary material

  • The learning banner serves as a source of information and activities. Only available in the Postal and Download Packages.
  • If you wish, you can start a mini challenge with your class or participate in an existing challenge.
  • What’s more, your class can also take part in a competition with great prizes.

On the way to MINT skills with Panasonic

Panasonic and Konosuke Matsushita stand for:

  • sustainable learning
  • responsible conduct
  • shaping the future

He founded the ‘Matsushita Electric Housewares Manufacturing Works’ in 1918. Does Panasonic also manufacture high-quality batteries? Yes, the company developed sustainable, high-performance batteries back in 1923. Thanks to their leakproof construction and long life, Panasonic batteries are ideal for experiments in school. In line with Konosuke Matsushita’s philosophy, Panasonic is committed to actively supporting the MINT education of your Power Class.

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